Cookie Post: A picture is worth a 1000 words...
Cookie Post: A picture is worth a 1000 words...

“Support for the arts -- merde!...

A government-supported artist is an incompetent whore!” - Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land. 


Alright - so the observant of you may have noticed that I dropped off the face for some time there. 

Surprisingly, as starting your own business starts to become more real, well, you lose time for writing about it and have to live it for a while. Don't get me wrong, no complaints over here, but I do have an overactive guilt-o-giver and I'm feeling it big time for dropping the ball post-wise. So, apologies. 

Anyways - to pick up where I left off. The PLAN, the PLAN! It's finished!

Well, sort of. 

I made an astonishing discovery as I neared the 'completion' line on my plan - a true, genuine, workable plan, one that suits your business and really reflects where you are moving to... is probably never completely finished. I have answered all of my own questions though - and put together several copies that suit different audiences. 

In fact, while I was taking a blogging hiatus - I presented the plan to TWO DIFFERENT AUDIENCES. And received fairly positive feedback. Hint. I'm kinda being modest... Because... drum roll.... I GOT THE SPACE I WANTED! I heard back from the Archland that they voted unanimously to offer me a space in their family. Pretty nifty. Not gonna lie. 

I also presented the plan to an audience of very accomplished and multi-discipline-educated semi-peers (a.k.a. my family) and heard a lot of positive feedback too. Constructive criticism wasn't lacking either - but I didn't get any, "Don't quit your day jobs!". 

So right now I'm working on the moola angle. Researching banks and money lenders. And being faced with a pretty momentous choice. To equityfy or not to equityfy. In other words, should I offer up some company equity in exchange for funds? Most often it seems, this is the only apple that the sharks will bite*. But how to determine what my company is worth? What is fair exchange on an unidentified potential future profit. That's the topic of my next post... But any thoughts in the meanwhile? Trade straight $ for $ (in the form of interest) or offer up the business equivalent of 'what's behind door #3?!'. 


*Yowza. What a mixed metaphor. That's a bad as a henhouse on the moon! (Yup. That's it. Now, I'm really not making sense anymore). 


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