A little Test
The Hilarious Acronym All Cooks Promote

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

...For he to-day that sheds his blood with me/ Shall be my brother" Henry V., William Shakespeare

When you gather together all the decisions I've had to make in the dreaming, creation, and realization of this business, there has only been one that has really weighed on me. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that is because, generally, I have allowed my personal ethical, moral and flavour preferences to guide me. Decisions are pretty easy when you have the hubris to believe in your own good sense and taste. But the decision I am going to share with you today (and yes, gather your opinions on) wasn't so easily negotiated.

I can argue my future customers over to my choices regarding animal husbandry, because the defenses are so logical. It's rather harder to argue them over to my sense of humour

So I set about trying to get a carry-bag designed. I thought it went well with my mission to offer a sustainable option to market purchasers (and hey! It doesn't hurt my advertising dreams neither). I thought I would get it to say something HILARIOUS, because who doesn't love a bag that tickles the silly bones? And that's where I hit a snag. My first instinct was to plaster "Get my meat in your mouth - and like it!" all over them and be done with it. 

... yeah. And then a load of people rather vehemently objected. And I realized that I would never pick the right phrase on my instincts alone. SO: I put it to you, dear readers. Please pick a bag style and sentence from the options listed below. And help a lady out. Everyone who helps out with the decision (as long as it is not a hung jury! That ain't no help!) will get a bag when they are finished. They'll have the ultimate sentence on one side, and my logo, designed by the amazing H.D., on the other. Incidentally, the bags themselves are completely fabulous. Super heavy-duty, hand woven and printed by a really cool co-operative that gives economically disadvantaged women the skills and equipment to help support their families. Tres cool. So here we go. 


Once more into the breach! 

(Remember that this is primarily for a British audience... and they aren't always as ribald as you North Americans...)


OPTION #1 - 

We know where our meat comes from... Do you?


OPTION #2 - 

Do you know where your meat comes from?


OPTION #3 - 

I know where my meat comes from... Do you?


OPTION #4 - 

I know where my meat comes from./We know where our meat comes from. 


Alright - and now the design.

It'll always be black lettering on natural canvas. BUT, it could also be: 

- All natural bag and handles

- Natural bag with Black handles

- Black handles and black reinforcing

- Black handles and black gussets (the bag has gussets that allow it to sit square  - please note, the reinforcing, if made a different colour, does not continue onto the gussets) 


And now, some pictures to help you visualize. My apologies that I don't have mock-ups of all the options.



Choice of Handles

Choice of Handles;Sentence Side
NOW VOTE! Which sentence, and which style of handles? 

Please leave your email address if you would like a bag afterwards, I'll need that to get your postal address. 

 Fine Print: Limited to the first 50 comments; Limited to one bag per person. 


Robert Eiser

Black handles & black reinforcement.

I know where my meat comes from. Do you? For the slogan. I like the call to action.



Oooooooooh!!!!! I like the all natural bag and black handles. And option 4 - 'I know where my meat comes from' xxxx

Rosie Teare

Option 3 and Black handles and black reinforcing...loving your work! Rosie x x x


Heya, your cousin sent me over to weigh in. I like the black handles, black reinforcing, black gussetting option, along with the third phrase: "I know where my meat comes from... Do you?"

No bag necessary; always happy to see people pursuing local, sustainable food systems. Good luck with your venture!

Steven Obranovich

Number 3 Please & Thank You - simple is best and it challenges others subliminally or provokes, either way this is what you want.
Natural as well seems like the best choice out of the pre-approved options. I am not keen on the black and white seems very 1980's catering to me, what do I know. Lastly, it would be nice to have the Crown and Queue a bit bigger - just sayin'.


Option 4 on the quote. Either all canvas or black handle on the bag. Not feeling the black reinforcement.

Really though, I say you go with your original quote! If you can't use some kind of genital double entandra here, what's the point of selling meat??? :)


Natural bag with black handles and I know where my meat comes from.

Leslie Eiser

I like option 3 and the black handles and black reinforcements . You can give me my bag when I visit in June!

Anais Eiser

Option #3
The bag with the completely black one.

I like the third option because it's more personal. It makes the person reading the bag think "Oh look! That person sitting in the bus/metro/store knows about where she gets her meats... Wait do I?"

-Love you!

Cathy Brookshire

Option #3
Natural bag with black handles - middle pic.
We use nothing but carry bags for all our shopping. This is a great idea!
No need to send me a bag darling - you know where we live. I'll enjoy the results long distance and the next time we're in London, will drop by and buy one!

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